Privatization/Commodification/Corporate Ownership

A major objective of neoliberalism is to bring everything from medicare to education to the right to clean water to the genetic heritage of life itself into the marketplace for the exclusive use of those who can afford them. Governments have systematically underfunded our healthcare, education and social programs and when quality declines and waiting times increase we are told by the corporate leaders that the only viable solution is to privatize. In fact this leads to higher prices due to higher administrative costs, marketing costs, and the need for investor profits. In addition poorer training, pay, and working conditions for those providing the services usually result, but all this is presented as a “reform” of the system. The latest incarnation of the privatization maneuver is the Public-Private Partnership (P3) in which governments lease facilities from corporations for extended periods with guaranteed profit margins to investors, while the public is left to pick up the extra cost and suffers decreased quality of service.

Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water    by Maude Barlow (2007)     The fight against the corporate takeover of the world's water resources

You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For: The Economics of Privatization    by Elliott D. Sclar (2000)     Reveals the true cost we pay for privatizing services to the corporate sector.

Profit Is Not The Cure: A Citizen’s Guide To Saving Medicare    by Maude Barlow (2002)     Deconstructs the arguments for medicare privatization and looks at the corporate forces behind the privatization push.

The Bottom Line: The Truth Behind Private Health Insurance in Canada    by Diana Gibson and Colleen Fuller (2006)     Demolishes myths around medicare privatization and exposes the private insurance companies pushing the privatization agenda.