Food Commodification/Genetic Modification

Perhaps no other area of the corporate control of our daily lives has as an immediate impact on us as the corporate takeover of our food supply. Rather than relying on the traditional family farm to provide our dinner, we have come increasingly to depend on factory farms and intensive agricultural practices. The results of this are nutrient poor and bland produce, contaminated meat, and high herbicide and pesticide residues. Transnational corporations engage in biopiracy by stealing and patenting traditional seed varieties bred for generations by farmers in the developing world. Since the 1990ís the public has faced a new potential threat: genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These life forms have been altered by the introduction of genes from other plants, animals, or bacteria with little if any health or environmental testing and no mandatory food labeling in North America. The precautionary principle, which would err on the side of safety rather than risk for potentially dangerous new technologies, is constantly disparaged by big business.

The End of Food    by Thomas Pawlick (2006)     Lively account of the deterioration of our food supply, the realities of factory farming, and an exploration of the alternatives.

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal    by Eric Schlosser (2001)     Chronicles the rise of fast food, factory farms, and the corporate takeover and commodification of our food.    Also Audiobook CD