One of the most important defences against neoliberalism and corporate rule is the exposure and discrediting of the myths on which they are based and which give them their power to mislead the public. The following articles, which I have previously published in the University of Alberta's Parkland Post and Edmonton’s Our Voice magazine, are designed to help shatter the corporate ideological bonds that imprison peoples’ minds.The articles can be downloaded in PDF format below. They are in Adobe Acrobat format. The Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded for free if you don't have it here .

PDF conversions by Paula Kirman

Three-way Race: Humanity's future at stake Parkland Post, Fall 2013

Reinventing democracy: Democracy in Canada is long over-due for an upgrade-particularly, how we elect our leaders Parkland Post, Winter 2013

Making the links: The vital need for a united left Parkland Post, Fall 2012

The real threat to western civilization: Right-wing politics are undermining the health of western democracies and the values they espouse Parkland Post, Winter 2012

Dissent: Canada's Latest Endangered Species? Parkland Post, Fall 2011

Unleashing your inner Cheney: A guide for young conservatives Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2011

Trick or treaty: CETA, a new "free trade" deal, would harm the burgeoning relocalization movement Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2011

Phantom money - The illusions of the finance sector and global economic meltdown Parkland Post, Winter 2011

Left justification - A more progressive, saner approach to politics Parkland Post, Fall 2010

When is enough enough? Why arguments for unfettered greed fail Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2010

Taxes: the price of civilization Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2010

And they call it democracy: As the U.S. Empire marches on, it continues to use ‘freedom’ as justification for undermining of the sovereignty of nations Parkland Post, Winter 2010

Born to fail: Neoliberalism and the meltdown Parkland Post, Fall 2009

Marketing a myth: The selling of neoliberalism Parkland Post, Fall 2009

Global boomerang: the price of greed (globalization and the economic meltdown) Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2009

We Know (a poem) Parkland Post, Spring/Summer 2009

Free market farce Parkland Post, Winter 2009

Lefty liberals? Parkland Post, Winter 2009

The con of the neo-cons: North America’s conservatives manipulate voters by stirring up emotional debates about values, religion Parkland Post, Fall 2008

Modern Islamic Fundamentalism: A closer look at a neglected history Parkland Post, Fall 2008

Hot economy, lukewarm wages: True to Alberta’s labour history, workers continue to be undervalued in spite of the boom Parkland Post, Winter 2008

Parkland Conference: From Crisis to Hope (Healthy Lives and Communities) Our Voice Dec 07/Jan 08

Redeeming the Unredeemable (the futility of internal corporate reform) Our Voice Aug/Sept 2007

Parkland Conference: All is Not Well in Oilville (Alberta’s pathetic oil royalties) Our Voice December 2006